In Cleveland’s last local election (2017) for mayor and city council persons, only 2 of every 10 registered voters in Ward 4 turned out to vote. Voter turnout this low is BAD for democracy! Why do we let just a  few people who always vote make all the decisions - - even if those decisions don’t benefit all of us?


Reclaim Ward 4’s RECRUIT 4 4 4 (4 Registered Voters for Ward 4) Campaign challenges you to recruit 4 family members or neighbors who are already registered to vote to actually turn out to vote on November 2, 2021


You can do this! We can make democracy work in Ward 4. 

Pledge to join RECRUIT 4 4 4 here:

Vote 1, 2, 3...

STEP 1: Be sure you are registered to vote where you live now.

  • Deadline to register for September 14, 2021 Municipal Primary is August 16.

  • Deadline to register for November 2, 2021 General Election is October 4.

PRO TIP: Make note of your Ward and Precinct. You'll need it for Step 2.

To update your voting info, call the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections: 216-443-VOTE (8683)

STEP 2: Find out what you will be voting for. All ballots are not always the same; and issues and candidates often are specific to where you live. Here is the candidate list for the 2020 election:

Trust us, nobody knows everything about what's on a ballot. No worries! These sites can help:




In Ohio, we have 4 weeks to vote each election. As we have learned from the ongoing pandemic, voting early by mail (VBM) or in person will ensure your vote is counted.

Make sure your family and friends are registered to vote and help them request a ballot to vote by mail OR help them to vote early in person.