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Reclaim Ward 4 Endorses Erick Walker 4 City Council!

Reclaim W4 NL Issue 8 Summer21 p.jpg

Marion Anita Gardner was selected to fill in for Ken johnson who was removed from Council earlier this year by the Ohio Supreme Court at the request of the Ohio Attorney General. Johnson is due to face trial starting July 19, 2021. Reclaim Ward 4 recruited Ms. Gardner and advocated for her to be selected from the 20 "applicants" for the job. She is not on the September 14 primary ballot, which is the best outcome for the residents of Ward 4. We choose out representitives and are against the current system of having them appointed.
Read more about Anita Gardner here.


Reclaim W4 NL Issue 7 p1.jpg

Imperial Avenue rises above trauma with 'Garden of 11 Angels' memorial

"...Shirley Bell, a longtime resident of Mount Pleasant whose home looks onto the site and who herself runs a community garden, said she read the long delay as a sign of low regard for the neighborhood and its residents. She said it sent a message opposite to the name and mission of the Black Lives Matter movement and slowed the healing process."